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Archive for January 2019

The Effect of Abortion Part 1: The Fathers 

The Effect of Abortion Part 1: The Fathers  Much has been said about the emotional and physical trauma abortion has on women, but not enough has been said about the effect on men.  The fathers of the babies aborted, or as some like to call them, “The Forgotten Fathers”, often suffer silently for the rest of their…

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Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Tests: When a woman suspects she is pregnant, a common concern is when to take a pregnancy test and how effective the results are.  Here at COLFs, we want to provide you with the most accurate information regarding pregnancy tests.  There are three ways to determine pregnancy: at home tests, a blood test, and an ultrasound.    Taking…

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Post-Partum Depression

Post-partum depression (PPD) or the “Baby Blues” is more common than many people think.  More than 20% of women are diagnosed with post-partum depression by their doctors every year, while many more cases continue to go undiagnosed.  PPD is a serious condition that often starts during pregnancy. Although many women go through the normal anxieties and fears of having…

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STDs and Pregnancy 

STDs and Pregnancy   Being diagnosed or suspecting you have an STD while being pregnant can be a very scary thing to deal with.  If you have been diagnosed with an STD and have found out you are pregnant, it is important to seek medical treatment right away.  Many women assume that the disease will automatically be passed down to their…

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