Abortion Information near Rancho Bernardo

If you are contemplating abortion, consider these questions.

Are you pregnant?

If you think you are pregnant, you should first take an at home pregnancy test.  Most are at least 98%-99% accurate. To get an 100% accurate result, it is vital that you visit a doctor. COLFS Medical Clinic provides pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to verify pregnancy at no cost to you. It is important to know for sure that you are pregnant before even considering abortion near Rancho Bernardo.

Why is it important to get an ultrasound?

The most accurate way to determine if you are pregnant is to have an ultrasound.  Because 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, most ultrasounds are not scheduled until about 8-10 weeks to determine if your pregnancy is viable.  Because of these statistics, you may not even have to consider abortion. But at 8-10 weeks, if the pregnancy is viable, you will hear the heartbeat of your baby as well as receive your first picture of your baby.  The team at COLFS Medical clinic will do all we can to assist you through this process, even if it is determined a miscarriage has taken place.

What is an abortion?

After hearing the heartbeat and confirming your pregnancy,  it is important to understand what having an abortion entails.  COLFS Medical Clinic staff will provide all the medical information needed to fully understand what it means to you and your baby when putting your body through an abortion procedure.  By scheduling an appointment near Rancho Bernardo  with the COLFS staff, we can not only provide information on abortion, but also answer any questions you have on the procedure.

What are your options?

At COLFS, we believe in providing you with all the information possible to make the best decision for you  and your baby. We take into consideration all your past medical history and anything that might affect your current decision.  Everything remains confidential; we strive to provide all the necessary support you will need emotionally, mentally, medically, and spiritually. At COLFS Medical Clinic, we are here for you.

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Rancho Bernardo is a master-planned community in the northern hills of the city of San Diego, California.