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After Abortion Care near Pacific Beach

The decision to have an abortion is never easy. Maybe the decision was made without weighing any other options; maybe you felt like you had no other choice. Maybe you felt pressure from a family member, parent, boyfriend, spouse, teacher, friend, doctor or nurse. Maybe there were lots of people around, supporting you. Maybe you made the decision by yourself, keeping it a hidden secret. Regardless of the circumstances, you may feel more alone and isolated now then ever before, after having an abortion.

But the worst thing you can do is suffer alone.  The caring staff at COLFS Medical Clinic is here to help you both physically and mentally near Pacific Beach. Studies have shown that having an abortion causes significant psychological trauma, equivalent to dealing with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) which can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders, addiction and despair. Maybe you are grieving the loss of life inside you or think you may never be able to bear children again.  Maybe the guilt of your decision is eating you alive and you have no one to turn to. Without proper counseling, the effects could linger for the rest of your life.

At COLFS we offer hope and healing from a non-judgmental staff to help you find your recovery journey. We will be there for you every step of the way to help you heal physically and with the right amount of time, emotionally and spiritually. We have doctors, nurses, life-coaches, and support groups to give you the individual help you need.  

You are not alone. We can help. You may have had an abortion years ago or experienced one recently. No matter what the circumstances, the caring staff at COLFS Medical clinic is here to help you heal and be restored.  Call us or make an appointment today!

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Pacific Beach is a neighborhood in San Diego, bounded by La Jolla to the north, Mission Beach and Mission Bay to the south, Interstate 5 to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. While formerly largely populated by young people, surfers, and college students, because of rising property and rental costs the population is gradually becoming older and more affluent.