The abortion pill is typically administered to women who are 10 weeks along or less. The pill is a two step process involving two different types of drugs. Together the two drugs force the body to abort the fetus. The first drug causes the body to cease producing progesterone, which is a hormone needed for the baby to grow and thrive in the uterus. The second drug causes the uterus to shed the fetus, and any tissue left over in the uterus by causing contractions to expel the tissues through the vagina.  The whole process could take up to 12 days.

The drugs are typically prescribed by a doctor and taken by the patient at the home. The whole process is commonly very painful and doctors typically prescribe pain medication to manage the discomfort of the process. Not only is it physically painful, it can also be emotionally traumatizing to the patient since it is often done alone.  Side effects include: heavy bleeding, headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and severe cramping.

The abortion pill can be reversed by a process called "APR".  COLFS Medical Clinic can perform the APR process, but you must contact us immediately.