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Nurse's Corner

What Kind of Pregnancies are “High Risk?”

According to UCSF (University of California, San Francisco), High Risk complications occur in only 6-8% of all pregnancies.  The terminology “High Risk Pregnancy”, is used by the medical community to indicate a need to watch these mothers (and babies) more carefully; to provide special care to ensure the best possible outcome. A pregnancy may be…

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The Effects of Abortion Part 2: Relationships

Effects of Abortion Part 2:  Relationships  Abortion, just like any traumatic event in a person’s life, has a huge effect on a woman’s relationships. Not only does it greatly affect her and her partner’s relationship, it can also cause long-lasting damage to the family dynamic.  Many women do not stop to consider the damage that…

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The Effect of Abortion Part 1: The Fathers 

The Effect of Abortion Part 1: The Fathers  Much has been said about the emotional and physical trauma abortion has on women, but not enough has been said about the effect on men.  The fathers of the babies aborted, or as some like to call them, “The Forgotten Fathers”, often suffer silently for the rest of their…

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