Good News for Those Fully Vaccinated: Masks not Always Required

Women with Mask

We received some good news today in the form of an update from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The new guidelines for fully vaccinated persons certainly loosen the apron strings.

Now, CDC states that people who are fully vaccinated may be in the same room without wearing masks. Additionally, fully vaccinated may be in the same room with unvaccinated people from one household without wearing masks, as long as no one in that household (including those not visiting with the vaccinated people) is at increased risk of severe disease.

In public, even outdoors, CDC still wants us to wear masks and stay six feet apart, even if we are vaccinated. Although likely not necessary, probably they do not want the wrong message to be sent by people not wearing masks, since we do not have signs on us saying, “I’m vaccinated.”

CDC reiterated that those who have been fully vaccinated do not need to start quarantine after an exposure to someone with COVID-19. They should monitor for symptoms and get tested if symptoms develop. Click here for the full guidelines.