Pediatric Services

Well Child Visits: Integral from birth, well child visits at COLFS Medical Clinic ensure comprehensive pediatric care and the monitoring of developmental milestones. Our healthcare professionals assess overall health and growth, always providing an opportunity for parents to address concerns or questions about their child's well-being. Developmental screenings assess cognitive, motor, and social skills, enabling early detection and timely intervention, when necessary.


Sick Child Visits: Designed to address immediate healthcare needs, our Sick Child Visits can be accommodated on the same day, ensuring prompt access to medical care. Our healthcare professionals diagnose and treat acute illnesses, offer advice, and prescribe medications if necessary, alleviating parents' concerns and ensuring timely medical attention.


Same Day Appointments: Understanding the urgency of your child's health concerns, we offer same day appointments for Sick Child Visits. Our commitment to timely and effective care includes prompt diagnosis, treatment, and valuable advice from our dedicated healthcare professionals.


Parental Involvement: We foster a collaborative approach to pediatric healthcare, actively involving parents in decision-making. Well Child Visits provide insights into your child's health and development. Open communication ensures you are well-informed and engaged in your child's care, with treatment options suggested but not forced.


Flexible Payment Options: Recognizing varying healthcare needs, we accept a variety of insurance plans and offer self pay options for flexibility and convenience. Our commitment to accessible healthcare extends to financial considerations, removing unnecessary barriers to ensure your child receives the care they need.


Caring Staff: Meet our skilled pediatric team - Dr. George Delgado, Dr. Karen Saroki, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Dana Rodriguez. They are dedicated to serving your family and ensuring the well-being of your little ones.

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