STDs and Pregnancy 

STDs and Pregnancy  

Get Tested for STDs!Being diagnosed or suspecting you have an STD while being pregnant can be a very scary thing to deal with.  If you have been diagnosed with an STD and have found out you are pregnant, it is important to seek medical treatment right away.  Many women assume that the disease will automatically be passed down to their children or feel an overwhelming sense of guilt and don’t know what to do.   

At COLFS, we will discuss all your options if you are dealing with an STD while being pregnant.  The first thing to understand, that although serious, most STD’s can be treated in a way to protect your baby if you are given the proper medical care.  Although not all STD’s are curable, most are treatable if detected soon enough and proper medical care is given throughout pregnancy.  

Because of the seriousness of most STD’s especially while pregnant, it is important to disclose any symptoms or let a doctor know right away if you suspect you have been exposed to an STD. At COLFS we specialize in helping women go through this process. Visit this link on our website to find out more information regarding STD testing.   

Remember, at COLFS we are here to help you through every step. You are not alone, and our caring staff is here to help.

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