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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Program

Our financial literacy program utilizes the tools and materials provided by Financial Beginnings which is a pathway to a financially literate nation.  The mission of Financial Beginnings empowers youth and adults to take control of their financial futures by providing educational programs that incorporate all aspects of personal finance to give individuals the foundation they need to make informed financial decisions.  We thrive for young adults and youth to become active, successful members of the community while helping under-served families gain a financial education that can help build a career and look to a positive improvement in their future.

Our certified professionals are trained to teach programs in partnership with schools and community groups.  We focus on areas such as: banking, budgeting, credit, investing, and risk management, participants gain a solid understanding of personal finance essentials through hands-on learning.

We also work with economically venerable adults to support them in establishing a financial safety net for emergencies, reducing and managing educational debt, establishing or growing savings, developing a plan to build credit or improve credit, increasing the use of traditional financial services and decreasing the use of non-traditional services as well as understanding the cultural and emotional influences on financial decisions.