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Life Skill Building

Positive Life Skills!

The positive Life Skill Building Program will set you up for success by teaching you core skills and techniques to battling common roadblocks in everyday life. We start first by helping the you understand implications of behaviors such as overreacting, self-control, using positive thinking and fight and flight and then offering tips and tools to overcoming some common setbacks like: time management, burn out, peer pressure, goal setting and setting yourself up for success.  The Positive Life Skill program is complementary to our Financial Literacy Program.

What topics do we cover?

  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting: Setting achievable goals
  • Self-Control: Understanding Yourself
  • Stress Management
  • Understanding if you are fight or flight personality
  • Burn out
  • Body Language: What does your body language say?
  • Be prepared
  • Accepting change
  • Accepting constructive criticism
  • Accepting that there are “two” sides to every story
  • Accepting defeat or losing gracefully

Social media and internet awareness: be smart!

  • Exposure and access
  • Setting up limits
  • Consequences/repercussions
  • Safety and social media
  • Social media and internet protection



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