Sexual Risk Avoidance

In the Know

The goal of the IN THE KNOW Educational Programs is to encourage, empower, and equip teenagers to consider Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) by providing practical, medically factual information in an engaging format through presentations in public and private school health classes, youth, and community groups. (this will meet the CA guidelines for Healthy Youth Act) the curriculum includes:

  • Healthy Choices (6th graders)
    An introductory program that focuses on identifying and resisting all types of peer pressure
  • Middle School/High School SRA
    Using a positive approach, both SRA programs assist young people in understanding the benefits of abstaining from sexual activity in order to safeguard their goals and dreams. Possible topics include:
    • Choices and personal goals
    • Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships
    • Possible emotional, physical, mental and social consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage
    • Common STDs/STIs and how they are spread and treated
    • Teen pregnancy stories
    • Boundaries and refusal skills
  • Building Healthy Relationships
    Ideal for older high school students, this program aims to prevent dating violence and abuse as well as sexual assault. Possible topics include:
    • How to identify a relationship as healthy or unhealthy
    • The media’s role in shaping our views
    • Warning signs of abuse and where to get help
    • Ways to avoid and prevent violence
    • Powerful accounts of sexual assault and abuse survivors
    • Focuses on sexual integrity and Chasity