Material Support

At COLFS (Center for Life Solutions), we are committed to providing comprehensive care and support to our patient base, especially during the transformative journey of pregnancy and childbirth. We understand that this phase can come with its fair share of financial hardships, and that's why we strive to alleviate some of the burdens by offering assistance and resources.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to promote healthy pregnancies by providing free pre-natal vitamins to our patients. These essential supplements contribute to the well-being of expectant mothers and ensure the healthy development of their babies. By offering this support, we aim to enhance the overall health and happiness of our patients throughout their pregnancy journey.


Items Offered

In addition to the provision of pre-natal vitamins, we have established a baby boutique stocked with an array of baby materials and supplies. Our baby boutique serves as a valuable resource for families in need, enabling them to access essential items without the financial strain. We understand that having access to these supplies can greatly contribute to the well-being and comfort of both newborns and their parents.

Our goal is not only to address the immediate needs of our patients but also to empower families to focus on their personal growth and the invaluable experience of bonding with their newborns. We believe that by providing the necessary resources, we can create an environment where parents can devote their time and energy to nurturing their children and fostering strong family connections.

Currently, our baby boutique has the capacity to support over 40 children each month, ensuring that a significant number of families receive the supplies they require. The items available in our baby boutique include essential necessities such as diapers and baby wipes, ensuring that parents have a reliable supply to meet their infants' needs. We also provide baby clothes and blankets, promoting warmth, comfort, and a sense of security for the little ones. Additionally, we offer lotions and soaps, recognizing the importance of maintaining the delicate and sensitive skin of newborns. We offer most things a baby would need.


Baby Showers

To further extend our support and celebrate the arrival of a new member in your family, we invite you to let us throw you a Baby Shower! Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in organizing a memorable event filled with love and joy. To inquire about signing up for a Baby Shower, please email , and our friendly staff will provide you with all the necessary details.



If you are interested in contributing to our cause and supporting families in need, we happily accept donations for our Baby Boutique. We appreciate most new baby items that are in good condition and will benefit families in our care. For more information on how to make a donation, please email, and our team will guide you through the process.


Earn While You Learn

Furthermore, if you are seeking sustained material support and want to actively participate in your own personal growth as a parent, we invite you to enroll in our "Earn While You Learn" program. Through this unique initiative, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills while earning credits to regularly shop in our Baby Boutique. This program not only equips you with important parenting techniques but also provides an opportunity for you to actively contribute
to the well-being of your family. Email to enroll in our “Earn While You Learn” program. 

At COLFS, we are dedicated to supporting families during the transformative and beautiful journey of pregnancy and early parenthood. We strive to ensure that every parent feels empowered, well-prepared, and equipped with the resources they need to nurture their newborns. Together with our generous donors and compassionate community, we are building a stronger and more caring environment for families in need.