COVID-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy and Lactation

It is always frustrating to ask rhetorical questions to which you do not have clear answers. Such is the case when we look at COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy and lactation. The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted an entire year, as of this writing. For our attention-challenged, instant-result culture, this year has been exceedingly difficult. In our…

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Women with Mask

Good News for Those Fully Vaccinated: Masks not Always Required

We received some good news today in the form of an update from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The new guidelines for fully vaccinated persons certainly loosen the apron strings. Now, CDC states that people who are fully vaccinated may be in the same room without wearing masks. Additionally, fully vaccinated may be…

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COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

George Delgado, MD What usually takes 10 years was accomplished in less than one. The research and development of COVID-19 vaccines, including Operation Warp speed was quite remarkable. Front line medical workers are already being vaccinated. Vulnerable patients in nursing homes should be following soon. Currently, there are two vaccines that have received emergency use…

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