The Effects of Abortion Part 2: Relationships

Effects of Abortion Part 2:  Relationships 

Abortion, just like any traumatic event in a person's life, has a huge effect on a woman’s relationships. Not only does it greatly affect her and her partner’s relationship, it can also cause long-lasting damage to the family dynamic.  Many women do not stop to consider the damage that having an abortion will cause to those closest to her, and often for the rest of her life. 

When a young teenager is considering abortion one of the first relationships to suffer is that with her parents.  Either she is going behind her parents back to get the abortion done, or her parents are forcing her to get the abortion. With either situation, the trust is potentially lost as lies and secrets begin to build up.  The young daughter doesn’t want her parents to know she is pregnant, or the parents who will do anything to hide their daughter's pregnancy and most importantly, hide the abortion.  The shame and stigma of abortion is still everywhere in our society. These situations will affect a young girl for the rest of her life and potentially ruin the relationship with her parents. 

The relationship between the partners going through an abortion is affected for the rest of their lives. Abortion, like any major loss, is traumatic emotionally and physically for both partners involved.  In many cases, there is one partner pushing for the abortion more than the other or the woman does not reveal she is pregnant or plans to get an abortion.  There is often resentment and mistrust, as well as sadness and grief.  Many relationships, including many marriages end after an abortion.   

The loss of a pregnancy no matter how it happens is devastating. The COLFS Medical Clinic staff is here to offer counseling to not only the female considering abortion, but also the male partner or any family member involved.  The decision should never be made alone, and we are here for you every step of the way.  Contact us today to speak with a staff member or make an appointment