Weight Management and Nutrition

By adopting manageable nutritional and lifestyle habits, you can reap the benefits of improved long-term health and wellness.

At COLFS, we have a team of physicians to address your dietary and lifestyle habits to help you on your way to live a more abundant life!

COLFS offers weight management and lifestyle coaching to address your specific needs. You can work with a physician to find a holistic approach to weight management, hormonal control, exercise, and healthy living. We can also help you find the right diet to control medical conditions such as diabetes, ulcerative colitis, and other chronic conditions.

By optimizing your physical, mental, and spiritual health through fitness, nutrition, and prayer, you are able to live a more abundant and fruitful life here on earth to serve the Lord!

To learn more about COLFS clinic weight management and nutrition programs, please call us at 760-741-1224 or request an appointment online.